Outdoor Visitation Information and Procedures



  1. Potential visitors must call ahead and make an appointment to visit during the designated days and times the facility has made available, currently only between 10am-11am from Tuesday through Saturday. Taking appointments on Sunday and Thursday only.
  2. Please review the following documents:
    1. How to minimize the spread of COVID-19
    2. Self-Screening to prevent the spread of the virus
    3. Instructions on the appointment day for screening and where to arrive to be escorted. This includes a no-entry to the facility and no socializing with other residents or staff members.
    4. What would result in a cancelled visit
    5. Guidelines for wearing a mask and social distancing


  1. Visitors will be screened outside the front entrance with a staff member, recommended that visitors arrive 15 minutes prior to appointment. Visitors with ANY symptoms will be asked to reschedule in 14 days.
  2. Our screener will collect information about the visitor in the event the facility must perform contact tracing due to an outbreak, visitor will sign off on given information.
  3. Visitor will be required to wear a mask and staff member will ensure appropriate fit. If the visitor does not have a mask, we will not supply any, they can reschedule a visit.
  4. If the visitor passes the screen and sanitizes their hands, they will be escorted around the building to the alley way where two stations are setup for residents to visit with their loved ones.
  5. Simultaneously, another staff member will be screening a resident, offer sanitizing solution to their hands and escort them to the alley way via our patio to maintain separate entry points for both residents and visitors.
  6. Resident will be sat on one side of a 6ft table, visitors sat on the other. Visits will be limited to 20 minute increments.
  7. The interaction will be monitored by a staff member at all times.
  8. Disinfection of any touched furniture or equipment will be performed before and after each visit, following manufacturer’s guidelines.
  9.  Masks will be on all parties, including employees, at all times and appropriately worn over both the mouth and nose.
  10. Families will be instructed that this is a “no touch” zone and hugging, caressing, cooing and kissing are completely forbidden to remain in compliance with the social distancing guidelines. Anyone who violates this rule will be escorted from the visiting area and no longer be able to schedule visits with the resident until further notice.
  11. After the visit, the resident will be escorted back into the building via the patio and the family member will exit via the alley way. Hand sanitation will be performed with the resident prior to re-entering the facility.


Facilities may NOT offer or allow outdoor visitation on the premises if:

○ The resident has symptoms of COVID-19.

○ The resident is in isolation or quarantine.

○ The facility has an active outbreak.

○ The facility with a history of a recent COVID-19 case or outbreak has not completed the required isolation period of 14 days.

○ The county or the city where the facility is located is under the Stay-at-Home orders related to COVID-19.

○ Statewide restrictions are implemented due to increased cases of COVID-19.